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Sorry if this is unorganised but this just came to me like 5 mins ago.

I think Desmond will become the new Jacob in the end. Desmond appears on Flight 815 in the flash sideways and seemingly disappears. Perhaps he is doing what Jacob did and visiting each of the candidates, influencing their lives.

I believe when Desmond turned the failsafe key in The Swan station he absorbed the electro magnetic energy which I believe is why Widmore is suggesting the packaga a.k.a Desmond can destroy the smoke monster. I think the smoke monster can only turn into smoke and travel that way where ther is electro magnetic energy, hence why Flocke could not simply turn into smoke and fly over to Hydra island.

Perhaps Desmond will absorb more of this electro magnetism which in a sense is like oxygen for the smoke monster, or maybe he will unleash it upon Flocke. This would also give some reason as to why Zoe was asking Jin about the locations of Electro Magnetic Energy on the Dharma Inititive map in the last episode.

Just some of my thoughts.

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