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You're stuck wit it by JJStrange

What did Ilana mean when she said MIB was “stuck this way” in reference to not being able to change how he looks? It appears that somehow through the fact that they have Locke’s body, MIB is no longer able to change bodies or take the form of another person. More explanation needed here.

Yes the fact that they have the real Locke's body has Smokey "stuck" looking like him but I think it's b/c he's been "exposed" as long as there is no body, anything goes and Smokey is free to manipulate at will, this was first illustrated with Jack "seeing" his father's body walking around the island early on.. From there, we've seen smokey take many shapes of the deceased... But.now that everyone has witnessed that this "New and Improved Locke 2.0" is really a fraud... the "jig is up."

and He's stuck wit it!

That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

This could be why back in...1974? When Sawyer and Crew time jumped into the jungle and got their hands dirty with the whole Amy thing, she insisted that the body be brought back, so as not to be "used" maybe? And why Richard Alpert insisted on taking the bodies of his men back. I also think this might indicate that Amy is a hostile at this point, undercover because Horace is all too willing to hand over Amy's husband's body to Richard. This might indicate the importance of the ankh that Amy retrieved from his body.


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