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My buddy, Dado4, had suggested in another thread that the writers prevaricated about the nature of Smokey. He suggested that Smokey might be an alien and not the result of pseudoscience. I doubt the alien part on 2 counts. Consider Bigfoot. Many scientists are now realizing the possibility that it is a real creature. There is just too much evidence to ignore. Also, we are discovering new heretofore unknown species all the time on this planet. Many have researched the Djinn, which is a part of Middle Eastern myth. They are supposedly a race of Earth beings predating humans. But, even though much of the nature of Smokey fits nicely into the manifestation of supposed djinn, such as being able to take human or animal form. The primary translation of djinn means "without smoke." So, I don't fully get behind this or unknown species as an explanation of Smokey.

My second explanation has to do with a mystisism native to Egypt. This is something I have touched on before. Merkabah.


Here is one potential explanation using pseudoscience. Jacob and Smokey are one. They were once a single entity. At some time in the distant past/future Jacob purged himself of his negative, evil nature. (See Star Trek in the episode where Tasha Yar dies from contact with a pure evil being, the cast off remnant of a now perfected race) Consider the underground temple entrance drawings of Smokey. It looks just like what I am attempting to explain. On one side you see a being. On the other you see a mirror image smoke being.

When Jacob attained Merkabah he may have more or less "purged" his darker nature. That is why "Jacob loves you even as God loves you." His love was pure and without restraint. Those who have attained the Merkabah state not only gain a supremely healthy being -- potentially immortal -- they have the ability to share this healing nature with others. Thus, Jacob was able to heal many he came in contact with, such as Locke. This could also explain Richard's longevity.

Jacob, realizing his good self never wanted to merge with evil again and Smokey, being pure evil, never wanted to merge with Jacob, who was Love.

The nature of Smokey is human and seeks to take permanent human form again. Could this be the meaning of his wanting to go home? He can enter beings, alive or dead, through his symbiotic relationship with them. He can take on their appearance as his own as is also in his nature. But, unless he is once again merged with Jacob he will never be home and never be at rest. Unfortunately, Smokey, who is evil, loathes Jacob who is good, and wants nothing more than to see him annihilated, which is why he had to have him killed. He could not kill himself, who is also Jacob, because the mirror nature of the two would end up destroying both. But, he could have someone, such as Ben, do it for him. Ben, the loophole, whose dark nature suited Smokey's intent perfectly, was substituted for this purpose.

Ah, but you say Jacob is dead and can no longer unify with his former being... not unless his spirit enters another, such as Sayid. Jacob/Sayid must then somehow allow Smokey to enter their human vessle. Then, and only then, will all be settled. The chess game between black and white, good and evil will be over, even though it must end in a draw. Two, again, must become one.

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