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Locke time traveled in Walkabout by Scott Gingold

In "Walkabout" Locke comes face to face with what we think is the monster. Later in the series he tells Mr. Eko that what he saw was a bright light and that it was beautiful. We now know what happens when you see a bright light, you time flash. Shortly after that event in "Walkabout" is when Locke starts predicting the weather and helping every single person in the survivor camp. He seems to know more about the island than ever before. Now some people have been saying this is because at this point Locke is really the MIB, but I just think it's because Locke has time traveled. We've also seen Locke time travel on another occasion, when Desmond blew the hatch. I think at some point in Season 6, we're gonna get to see what really happened with Locke's encounter in "Walkabout" and also prior to him waking up mute in "Further Instructions." It would also be important to see what happened to Charlie & Eko afte! r the hatch implosion too.

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