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Ok, so i just came up with this theory.

As we now know, there is a list of candidates to be the replacement of Jacob, and we have been told that there is always a good one and a bad one, as in almost every story there is balance.

so, now we are approaching the end of the show and Jacob is dead, and MIB wants to leave the island, who is going to be?, we have 5 candidates left and i think that for this balance to be in the island there is no need to be a replacement of MIB... WHY? you ask... BECAUSE, if you want to be 100% good you have to separate the evil, or darkness inside you, this is what our candidate will do when he takes place as jacob's successor, and what Jacob has done in the past.

I thnk that is why we haven't heard the name of MIB because MIB is Jacob's bad side, he has the same name but different body, mind... etc.

that is why we see one scale with two rocks, one black and one white, but only one scale, one chair in the cave that MIB takes Sawyer to see the list of candidates..

so... long story short... MIB=JACOB

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