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Why didn't Flocke take Sawyer to the lighthouse to show him all the names?
Maybe Sawyer would have seen his church up on the big screen and got a little cranky like Jack did and smash it all to bits. Flocke doesn't want the mirrors smashed because the lighthouse is bringing someone to the island that Flocke probably needs to help him be free. So Flocke takes Sawyer to his cave with a view instead. Nothing to break there except more rocks and Sawyer has most likely had enough of that.

Jacob wanted the mirror to be smashed to avoid more visitors, he’s had all the people listed on the wheel on the island, doesn’t need anyone else and he doesn’t want Flocke to leave the island either. So he makes Hurley make Jack smash them for him because you can't pick up a stick when you're a ghost and the rules focus heavily on free will. Someone has to smash the mirrors wihout being told to do so.

Who else do we know that's really good at getting people to do things they didn't know they wanted to? Sawyer, yes, but mostly Ben. Ben (up until his recent obedience-fest with Flocke) is THE master of manipulation. Exploiting people and getting them to do what he wants followed by a hot cup of Earl Grey is his idea of a great day. He's constantly pulling people's strings this way and that for his own personal gain.

What I'm getting at is Jacob is a bit of a string puller himself. He's pulled a double with getting Hurley to get Jack to the lighthouse. He's probably pulled the strings of all 360 people on his wheel of fortune and almost all of them have ended up dead.

If I were the good guy, I'd be sending for reinforcements to take care of this string puller/murderer once and for all, and then I'd get far, far away from the island. Just like Flocke is trying to do.

There's a saying, you can get further with a kind word and a gun than with just a kind word...
Jacob's got his gun - Hurley.

Add to that, Jacob totally died like Obi Wan Kenobi. Obi Wan let Vader kill him off.

'If you strike me down I shall come back more powerful than you can imagine.'

Obi Wan died and became a part of the Force and was able to help Luke even more so than when he was alive, to guide him, to teach him the ways of the Force, even helped him blow up the Death Star... Just like Jacob told Hurley to put Sayid in the hot tub, and got Hurley to get Jack to smash the mirrors.

Jacob is Obi Wan – evil Obi Wan, Hurley is Luke.
I guess that makes Kate Chewie ; )

Jacob didn't exactly fight for his life, he knew why Ben was there, pushed him and provoked him, manipulated him. He could have answered Ben's questions but he didn't. He mocked Ben at his lowest point. This deity Ben's been following blindly for decades says he doesn't give a hoot about him. He practically pushed the knife in himself. But, there's those darn pesky rules again, someone had to WANT to kill him.

Perhaps Jacob needed to lose the meat-suit so he could he could do his bidding in a more effective way than he could while he was alive. Use the Force Hurley...

Jacob is probably the most evil character on the island and also has the biggest agenda, we just don't know what it is yet. Whatever it may be, one thing is for sure, he is not to be trusted.

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