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Well, it seems that Adam and Eve could have been Jacob and MIB's predecessors. So, let the conjecturing begin: who will be the new Jacob and MIB? One would think it would have to be one of the touched candidates, but who is to say that unouched characters couldn't do the job as well?

I'm a proponent of the sideways timeline is in fact the end of our story. By that, I mean that the story we are seeing in sideflashes begins when Season 6's final episode ends. It would be a neat way to show what happens after the Island story ends, hopefully, with some happy endings in store for our amnesic Losties.

But you do get the feeling that the Island needs protection, contrary to what MIB says, because it's seen underwater in the alternate timeline. Will someone choose to protect the Island, even if it means spending four to five centuries stuck on this beautiful rock? (how do I know this: Sawyer “You read books don't you?” Flocke “Who doesn't?” ie, MIB was around after Gutenberg's time or else he wouldn't say this. Obviously, he came before the Black Rock, so we can safely assume that he arrived between 1450s and 1845) Or will the Island be LOST forever?

My guess is that Adam and Eve chose Jacob and MIB to be their successors and were finally "allowed" to age and die. I think Jacob accepted their offer and chose his best friend as his eternity-bound comrade, the MIB. A man who didn't want to be there in the first place and who has been convinced for five centuries that his initial hunch was the correct one. He wants out and he doesn't seem to want to have any taste for picking candidates as it would be a mixed blessing.

Does it have to be Jacob's touched people? Because I would bet my lottery winnings on Hurley. Then, Hurley would have to chose someone to be his balancing force and I would say Ben, simply to punish him, or Sayid, because the man needs penance. But that would negate the alternative timeline-reboot theory since Hurley is in the alternate world and the Island is underwater (as are Ben and Sayid).

What do you think? You think we need a happy couple to sacrifice themselves to protect the Island? You think it should be Jack and Kate or someone else? You think this would refute the alternate timeline? Sorry for all the questions but I'm full of them today.

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