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This is my first theory bare with me. Wow what a premiere. I absolutely enjoyed it. I enjoyed the moments that mirrored many moments of past seasons. And how john Locke from the earlier seasons gave really great advice to the Losties that could apply to now . The moment that i must say i enjoyed was the dunking of sayid in the water. I believe that the scene symbolized baptism in full submersion of water . I was steered this way because Sayid asked hurley "what do you think will happen to me?" referring to the afterlife because he knew at that moment the number of individuals he murdered and tortured and i think he was repentant and jacob knew this so he sent him to be dunked in the holy water as a way of him cleansing himself from his sins. and being reborn idk. When sayid was "dead" and jack was giving him CPR it was very reminiscent of jack giving Charlie CPR when Ethan strung him up and left h! im for dead . I was completely waiting for Jack to give a full throttle punch to sayid's chest like he did to charlie but to my suprise he did not. It looked like to me he gave up a beginning to a broken Jack?idk.

Another occurrence that was so compelling to me was the moment that Jack and Desmond were talking on the plane. I was shocked that Jack did not remember him especially when he met Desmond on such a special night (( The Night HE Fixed Sarah)) another reason I was shocked was because when Jack first encountered Desmond on the island he recognized him spot on. This scene led me to believe that Jack may have chose to save Shannon's father instead of Sarah which means he never was stressed out enough to do the “tour de stade" which he tried to outrun Desmond in meaning he never met des.and des this time did not say see you in another life brotha.

Another moment that I enjoyed was the interaction between Locke and Jack. The moment gave me sheer chills - with the Jack lost his dad again thing and john lost his knives again thing-But the moment that gave me the most chills was the moment Locke told jack his condition was inoperable I actually heard the word of Christian Sheppard "What he is looking for is a miracle." And I immediately thought of Angelo Busoni and wondered if that surgery worked out in the atl and that’s the reason jacks still believe that anything is possible. Which leads me to believe that maybe since jack might have not saved Sarah he married Busoni’s daughter and they are the couple in LA who want to adopt the bay idk most likely not but it wooouuuulddd be cool . that’s my 2 cents and Im soooo happy to have written on dark ufo.

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