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I had a spark of an idea after reading the article about the show's basis in realistic science:


In it multiverse theory is explained and my theory is that the island is somehow the nexus of the universe. In other words, the island is the gateway portal to all realities.

As we saw last night there is a reality in which the passengers of Oceanic 815 arrived safely in LA in 2004. In another reality Oceanic 815 crashes on the island and the Losties are still there in 2007.

Last night through Miles we found out that Juliet's last thought was "It worked." She was right as the explosion of the hydrogen bomb created and alternate reality-- a new avenue to travel in the multiverse. The problem is that the survivors are back in their universe and are unable to access the reality they wanted to.

My guess is that the temple on the island specifically is the gateway to the alternate realities. I assume that's where MIB was headed last night because he "wants to go home."

The next thought is pure speculation but might make sense. Somehow Jacob and MIB are stuck in a reality not of their own. Maybe they were banished from their reality like Gods thrown out of a metaphorical Olympus, or (for the nerdier folks) like Zod and his goons were banished in Superman II into the Phantom Zone. Whatever the reason, I have to imagine Jacob was the reason which is why MIB holds so much resentment for him. I wonder if perhaps they are incapable of killing each other outside of their own reality.

Perhaps in their universe humans are super-powered beings capable of great feats which would explain all of their supernatural abilities. Due to their discussion in the Season 05 finale and some of the old ARGs I hypothesize that Jacob is trying to find a reality in which human beings don't eventually extinguish themselves a reality which MIB doesn't believe exists. (Then again maybe Jacob and MIB are from that reality.)

Last night deep down in the ocean of alt-2004, we see the island submerged. This, I suppose, means that this reality has no access to the portal to the multiverse thanks to Jack and his crew. Theoretically it is possible that 2007 people could travel to that reality given that they have access to the portal. If one were to travel to the alt-2004 island post-incident, I imagine you might probably end up in the ocean though.

How the alt reality is relevant to the 2007 Losties remains to be seen but this may be somewhat of an adequate explanation.


P.S. This idea first came into my head from listening to the Offical Lost podcast a year or two ago from Mothers Day. In it Darlton's mothers are on the phone and Cuse's mother says something to the effect of the island being a gateway to a parallel universe. My thought at the time was that Cuse told his mother what was going on and she (as a lot of mothers tend to do) had no real sense of what to say and what not to say.

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