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Answer: "He who will save us all." But the answer raises another question...who is 'he'? Many have argued that it's simply Jacob. But Jacob lives inside, or even underneath the statue. Not in it's shadow. Another logical candidate is John Locke. Whom most people have argued against since he's dead, and their reasoning is "dead is dead."

My theory is simple. Since "he who will save us all," "lies in the shadow of the statue." You can simplify the question to: "Who lies in the shadow of the statue?" And the answer is even simpler: John Locke. He literally "lies" in the shadow of the statue. He lies dead. In a way it was a trick question.

So, if "dead is dead," how could John Locke save us all? Another question, how many John Locke's are there in season 6? 2...or 3 depending on your perspective. 1 dead, 1 alive in ALT, and 1 as Smokie.

Locke has always been probably the most important character on the show since season 1. How can you kill off your most important character? Because in the process of killing him, he was actually 'reborn' in ALT in a manner of speaking. I believe some how, in some way, ALT Locke will find his way to the island and 'Save us all'... whatever that means.


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