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The Christian Shephard Theory by Locke4God

There are numerous reasons to believe Christian is not the MIB.

For one, at this point it wouldn't even be a dramatic revelation, we'd just expect it. Two, Claire clearly thinks their two people based on her, "First my father told me, then my friend told me," comment. Then you have evidense such as Christian's body never being in the coffin. Also MIB was shocked when Jacob revealed "They are coming" which would indicate that slipping the losties into 1977 was a way to hide them from MIB, and yet Christian was fully aware of the situation.

But you've got storyline reasons that Christian is likely himself, or at least not MIB. For one, where's the showdown and eventual meeting between he and Jack? Come on, that has to happen. There's no way they've been teasing that for 5 years, had a half dozen other characters meet him, deeply explore the termoil in Jack & he's relationship, and then not give us some sort of pay off by having them meet.

NO! Jack has to meet his father on island and resolve his "Daddy Issues." I can't imagine that not happening.

And therefore here's the end of the show.

Christian has been searching for the island, every bit as much as MIB has been trying to get off. He needed to get back, but to do that, he needed his son with him, and so he put his son through hell in life to lead him to the island and give him the tools he needs to succeed on the island.

And what are those?

Remember the whole idea of killing your father? Well Locke didn't do it himself, and low and behold he's been used, because he was too weak.

But Jack is strong. He has been chosen to succeed Jacob, but to do so, he'll have to kill his father. But why? Because Christian was important to the island in the past. He was a former guardian, or perhaps a third player that was forced to leave. But in order to fix what is going on now, he knows that his destiny is to return. That's why he began drinking, that's why he served as the proxy on 815, as Locke served on 316, and that's why he knows that he'll have to die in order for Jack to assume his rightful place.

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