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What is the point? by Manish gill

I have no idea if this theory is already popular, rejected, or anything else...i'm just posting it coz i thought it could be plausible.

So, we have a plane that crashes on a mysterious island, the survivors are taken on a long adventure, they experience some part of their lives before the crash, they witness a war(kinda) going on the island, et cetera,et cetera.
In short, their lives will never be the same.

And all this is because of a damn Island that no one can find.

i think the island is not mysterious at all.

From the beginning, this show is ALL about the island. John Locke is obviously the first person who comes to mind while talking about it.He believes that it is a 'magical' island. He believes it so bad. He goes to great heights to confirm it, even if its only for his own peace of mind. Benjamin Linus is also a strong advocate of this theory. So are Charles Widmore, 'Ricardus', and others.
The most common form of the island's powers shown in lost is the healing powers. Rose's cancer, Locke's legs, Sun's pregnancy ( think it was Jin who was healed in this case), to name a few.
In LAX part 2, we finally see the temple, and lo and behold! there's a source of fresh water (which is not fresh at the moment) that can heal people. The angry Japanese Dogen, who cuts his hand to test if the powers are still working. They're not. His hand doesn't heal.
so why do we see Sayid pulling an undertaker and asking in an innocent(for him) voice "What Happened?"
Obviously most of think its coz the island wanted to heal him, but it didn't want to heal Dogen's hand. Why is that?
The Japanese is obviously in charge, a guy named Jacob sent a dying person for his help, then why did it didn't heal him? Dogen seems arrogant, but not bad. was the island having glitches in its power supply?

Obviously this has everything to do with MIB taking over. He's finally managed to find that loophole, and is now gonna rule the lesses creatures.

One of the most popular theory i've seen is that both Jacob and the nemesis get their powers from the island.I think that can work in reverse order. In Fact, now we have conformation. MIB wants to get out of the island, as he admitted to Ben. He's obviously been trapped here with Jacob (who i think CAN get out or some reason, coz we've seen him interact with the 815'ers)

So, MIB is royally pissed at Jacob, he devices a plan to kill him, thus extending his control over the island. I agree with the theory that they both control some factors of the island. Its almost Biblical, where MIB is like satan, tempting(or manipulating, more like) the people there, using them to his own advantage.

Anyway, i got off-track. the main point was this- all throughout the show, we've seen Egyptian references, i'm not gonna waste time describing them. While i don't think Jacob and MIB are gods, their is a strong chance that they were mythical figures in the ancient times, like when Taweret was built. Maybe they committed some crime(even Jacob), or maybe there people, who could be the ancestors of today's others, maybe some of them walked out on them? Some were obviously left behind. MIb must have pissed them off more than Jacob, coz he's not even allowed holiday trips to touch strangers while traveling through time.

Why weren't they able to oppose or defend themselves? For the same reason they can't kill each other, and why they can't (or MIB can't) attack the 815'ers from the very start. I think Mr.Eko's brother Yemi's apparation of smokie (i'm assuming smokie and MIB are the same) is important in this case. he wanted Eko to confess, just like Ben wanted to be judged (note that it wasn't Flocke's idea). They can only interfere on a more personal level when some major event is going down, or when the survivors are getting closer to the truth about them.

So now, they're trapped. But they still have their powers. Over time, when they get bored, they start playing with the island. They manipulate its electromagnetic properties, give it healing abilities, and for a test run, invite some humans. They came,destroyed, corrupted, and MIB grew tired. But Jacob didn't. He could always come and go as he pleased, but MIB's head was starting to explode from this game, and he thought that if he could kill Jacob, he could get out of here. And we all know now that thus far, his plan is going well.

So, from what i get from this is that the island is not so freakin' special after all, and some other stuff that i jammed in their...think what you will of it, but let me know,ok?

oh, and by the way, i think Sayid is gonna go darker than he already was(Remember how Richard said to Kate that if Ben was healed, he'll never be the same?). He's already lost his innocence, i think now he's gonna loose his moral values. This is why i think Jacob was looking like he was making a tough decision that he'd rather not make when he told Hurley to take Sayid into the temple.
OK,i'm done, let me know if the last 45 minutes i spent on typing are worth considering or not.

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