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Plane off Course & Metal Utensils by AndLost

Re-set or not, the writers are throwing clues at us in every direction. If flight 815 landed safely in LAX, then why was it over the Island? Remember, when it crashed, it was 1000 miles off course, and the pilot reported navigation and radio problems. It appears the flight landed safely at LAX on time, with no delays or mention of being off course. If that is the case, then how could it have traveled over the underwater island, unless things are very different in this time line.

Second, did we really see metal utensils being served with that vegetarian lasagna? Did we see a bit of mis-direction? Didn't planes ban the use of metal after 9/11? The marshal made a big deal of taking the metal utensils away from Kate.

What does it all mean - well my theory is that the nuke or whatever other incident we have yet to see that took place to sink that island had more wide-ranging effects then simply those on the Losties.

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