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Thoughts on Water by youalleverybody

Taking some thoughts that others have written on here, and a thought that I've had that I haven't seen anyone point out, here's my theory.....I think that it's possible that the island's pure water may be a weakness to the MIB/Smoke Monster. Perhaps it's some kind of spring that has some power to it (i.e. healing, eternal life, etc.) Here's my reasons:

1. The obvious reason- we know that there is a pool in the temple that has some sort of magical properties to it. Evidently the others were really bothered when they discovered that it had become murky....as if the water itself represented the balance of the island (light vs. dark).

2. The well. Originally there was a well that was dug leading to the FDW, but after the last flash, we see that the well has been filled in. There could be two reasons for this; 1) to close off access to the FDW, but the other reason might be 2) the MIB has had influence over the others and something about the well (maybe the water) bothered him and he had them fill it in.

3. The last thing that I was thinking about happens in Season 4. Remember when Keamy and his group showed up on the island. Ben went into his secret closet to summon the smoke monster, and he used WATER. He pulled out that little stopper and let the water run down. I know that contradicts my point about water being a weakness because the smoke monster came out stronger than ever, but what if it was just enough water to make it really mad. Really, really mad.

Like I said, I don't have it all figured out, but these are my thoughts. What do you think?

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