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Put Your Best Foot Forward by Lovely

I don’t know about the rest of you, but that LOOOONG hiatus left me trembling like a jonzin’, drugged up Charlie Pace in need of a fix. If they producers intend to put you truly in the character’s skin, well you can cross Charlie off that list because I can say with pride that I am truly addicted to this show.

Season 6 opens at the scene of the incident and we’re quickly taken to the moment Juliet hits the bomb. We get a flash of light and we find ourselves aboard Flight 815. The plan worked, seemingly, but we quickly learn that this is not your standard, run-of-the-mill reset . . . Things are different! Cindy comes by and this time only gives Jack one bottle. Could it be that the universe knows he won’t need that second bottle? Maybe best not to tempt his addiction tendencies with a second bottle? When Desmond sits down next to Jack we know that these differences from the world we knew are going to be seismic.

What we see next is absolutely stunning, we are taken on an underwater adventure and see the island, still intact but submerged underwater. But is it the same island??? Look closely folks, when the shot comes to rest on the statue, we are shown the LEFT FOOT. Yet we see Richard, Ben, Ilana, Sun, etc outside of the RIGHT FOOT.
What does this mean? Well, let’s look back at what we know about the statue. In the season 2 finale, ‘Live together, Die Alone’, we know that Sayid, Jin and Sun are the first of the losties to see the foot. We know that they see the left foot. Yet when Richard takes Flocke and Ben to the statue in ‘The Incident’, we see them arrive at the right foot. When did this change occur? On their trip to the foot in ‘Follow the Leader’ we see them arrive at their beach camp. Sun even finds the ring Charlie left in Aaron’s crib. Everything appears to be in order, yet when they go to Dharmaville, things look significantly different. Buildings are boarded up and Christian shows Sun and Lapidus a photo of the ’77 Losties in Dharma.

My thinking is this; when Ben turned the Donkey wheel, the island basically replicated itself and everything on it and bolted through time and space. We saw thirteen different flashes but we don’t know if those were simply flashes in the same dimension or if they were possibly different dimensions. In one of those flashes we see a smoldering, burnt out Orchid station. We have yet to see what caused that, but I’m betting we will and I predict that is where Ilana suffers the burns we see her with when Jacob comes to ask for her help.

I’m also betting that when the losties traveled back in ’77 they were actually transported to the world where the plane doesn’t crash. What do you guys think?

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