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Thoughts on the Love Triangle? by Leyla79

I know most people are kind of sick of this and don't care, but I am curious to see how people think it's going to turn out anyway!

In an ideal world, I think they all end up alone.

I think in the show though, it's going to be Sawyer and Kate on island. I think Kate is done with Jack (she left him at the temple knowing she wasn't going back, but went straight to Sawyer), and I think Jack is going to sacrifice himself for something more meaningful than Kate. Sawyer is mourning Juliet to be sure, but Juliet was convinced he was meant to be with Kate (it's the only reason she went through with the plan!) and I think when she said "it worked", she could have meant that Sawyer was free to be with the person he was meant to be with, and it was important to tell him that so his grief wouldn't prevent that from happening (i.e. of all the people to end up dead as a result of Jughead, it was her - with all her talk of destiny at the end, maybe that's what she thought). Plus, his googly eyes at Kate in the last finale happened for a reason and one has to wonder why he hadn't proposed to Juliet yet, and whether it had anything to do with Kate coming back...not to m! ention they built up this notion last year that Kate was in love with Sawyer, not Jack, on the island before and I always thought the opposite.

Not so sure they will go so far as having anyone end up together on the mainland. If Juliet was right, Sawyer can't be with her on the main land either. And Sawyer was a completely changed man by the time Juliet fell for him and prior to that, it was Jack she wanted. We have no idea what kind of man Sawyer is on the mainland now.

And I know everyone thinks Juliet said "it works" because she flashed to some other time line, but she was practically dead when she had her vision - that's not to say she didn't flash, I just think she could have meant something entirely different by saying it worked considering this is supposed to be a character driven season.

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