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Below is an updated version of a theory I originally posted here.

It made sense to scrap the notions of whether the bomb went off or not and if it did go off, whether it then caused the incident (per Miles suggestion last season) or sunk/destroyed the island. Any of these are plausible right now. The core idea below is the focus on how similar the Losties on the new 815 are to the Losties who crashed and who we have followed for all these years. Too much focus is on how different things are. Of course the differences are important, but so are the similarities because the Losties, we are seeing, are reacting to circumstances in the new no crash world as the people they became as a result of their time and experience on the island.

The differences between the two 815 flights--profound or not? No doubt, S1 Jack is very different from the Jack on the plane now. Ditto Hurley and Rose. Anyone else?

Sawyer: S1 Sawyer, when seen on the plane pre-crash, is just pissed. He looks mad. And of course we know why that was. But S6 Sawyer? He bumps into Someone and apologizes? No angry look, mostly a warm grin from a good-natured smart ass. He clearly thinks Arnst is an idiot, but he's not rude or angry. S1 Sawyer might have been more willing to yell at him, or be pissed he was even bothered. And yes, he may be planning to con Hurley, or maybe this Sawyer, maybe still a con, only targets people that deserve to be conned. He could be like the Dexter of con men, some people deserve to be taken and Hurley is not one of them. Not only will Sawyer not con him, he uses the opportunity to use his smarts to help Hurley avoid being a target of another less ethical con man.

What might all this mean? These new versions are not strangers, they are the people we know them to be after six years of LOST. Sawyer's not an asshole bad guy anymore, be has a good heart and wants a house with Juliet, he was chief of police of all things. Didn't see that coming based on S1 Sawyer. Tell someone who just started season 1 that Sawyer was going to be the amiable head of security and pillar of a community of yellow houses and they would laugh their butts off and tune you out.

Jack is no longer the science only control freak he was, he has changed and is along for the ride. Rose is not nervous, she is as serene as she was in her beach hut. Locke is not
the angry depressed wreck he was before the crash in S1 on the plane, he's pleasant and happy to speak to Boone about survival.

Kate: She seems the same...still on the run. Just like Kate on the island. She wants on the raft, then off. Goes to Sawyer, then to Jack. From New Otherton to the Beach and back. Oceanic 6 Kate has Aaron and can't really run...but she has wads of cash, guns and packed bags ready to go, just in case. It's who she is. Kate changed most with Aaron. So are we surprised she ends up in a cab with Claire? When I posted this theory the first time, I speculated that we would see Kate perhaps deliver Aaron again…this week we did not get a delivery, but pretty darn close.

Boone: Shannon? Big deal, he could care less his sister stayed down under. That's Shannon for ya. He doesn't even seem bothered about having to travel all that way for nothing. We know this Boone. This is the Boone after Locke got him to let go of Shannon on the island with some trippy drugs. After Boone’s walk on the wild side, he just didn’t care what Shannon was doing.

All this suggests, if you agree with it, that the changes we saw happen in folks during the run of the show are not going to be wiped out by a reset. We saw these people evolve for a reason, seeing them revert to the idiots they were would suck. They were, in fact, brought on their island adventure for a reason.

Charlie: My only guess, and its weak, is that Charlie said he was supposed to die...almost consumed by the notion. While not consumed by death in the dark manner on the plane, island Charlie was, nevertheless, obsessed with his fate for his last days on the island...maybe their are more echoes we will see. The heroin may have also set the new Charlie off. Island Charlie had a hard fought battle to overcome his addiction. Perhaps the essence of that is playing out now. However he may have changed as a person, both of the Charlie’s on the planes are, it seems, addicted to heroin. And you could make an argument that the new Charlie was perhaps attempting to kill himself with the drug as symbolic of his literal battle with it. The original plane Charlie was not strong enough to do that....he had not overcome his demon then.

Sun and Jin are discussed in the last section.

Do I know you?

Do they know each other on the plane? Remember them by name, no. Technically, they would have never met. But do they “know” each other? Yes. Jack seemed to only spark to Desmond, who he spoke to. But he looked at Kate the same way, and we they barely exchanged words. Any doubt they didn’t have a connection from their other life was put to rest this week when Kate looked at Jack from the cab…they “know” each other in a sense.

Jack has not seen Rose for years, so what if they didn't have a connection. Basically, it's way to soon to conclude they don't know each other. But maybe if they spend time together, they will see they have a connection they can't explain, it's like they met in another life, Brother.

And that's exactly what Desmond does, see Jack in another life of sorts. If he disappeared and nothing else is offered to explain his stint on the plane, I would argue that it was awesome if only to service Desmond's tag line. Maybe he even knew, whenever he said it, that he would see them in another life? Hmmm...

Sawyer may not know Hurley by name, but was, perhaps, nice to him because they have a vibe--no memory per se, but a sense they like each other because they ended up being so close on the island. The essence of that relationship, not specific memories followed them.

So since John became a little more into a man of science, blended with his faith, so too did Jack add more faith to his life of science as a doctor. Both men now with more balance, yin and yang, should get along well together. Jack will fix Locke and maybe they can hunt together.

Jin and Sun: Not the happy couple, BUT---they were only "happy" after several weeks of working things out on the island. Hence, they only knew happiness together for a couple months at best. But these two were then separated and have not seen or spoken to one another for three years. Sun became this calculating CEO, she traveled the globe, lived in
Korea and had her baby. And she really thought Jin was dead. Jin, on the other hand, spent three years in dharma with, mostly, hippie like Americans and Sawyer & co. In short, these two people had very different experiences for a substantial amount of time. One could argue they will be like strangers to each other. So let's give them some time, because I think we will see them starting to grow happy together again. One thing really bothers me with Sun, however…

Who Might be Jedi and Who Might Be Sith:

Why didn’t Sun go to 1977 like the others? Based on this weeks episode, I have an idea. It seems clear that Jacob has his people/followers: the others in general, Jack, Hurley etc. So why can’t Smokie? Ben should have a total crush on Smokie based on his ability to manipulate. And Ben thought he was good. Not even close—and since he killed Jacob, he seems likely to stick with Smokie. The return of the infection concept could signal the infection, the dark force making a claim, means that the person follows Smokie, not Jacob. Sayid is now infected, will he follow Smokie? We all love him, can he really go bad? Sure. He has so much blood on his hands, much of it shed killing for an Iraqi dictator and then Ben. Can he really ever atone for this? Maybe, but I think he will drift much further to the dark side before he turns on the Emperor—I mean Smokie. And perhaps we have similar things happening with Christian and Claire.

I don’t think Christian is Smokie, as we have never seen Smokie off the island like ghostly Christian or Claire…and logistically, when Christian greets Sun and Frank in New Otherton, Smokie is in Locke form on the other island. We know Smokie cant be Locke, because we have a dead body for Locke….no body for Christian though, only the coffin. It did not matter that Sayid was dead, infected Sayid still woke up. So does Christian being dead in the coffin matter as much now? I think not. Taking the other others at their word, Claire is now turned just like her father was and like Sayid is almost.

Who better for Smokie to target for potential followers. If Jack is the hero, the man who will save the day….he might have to face down his father and his sister. Ouch. But Genius move by Smokie. Making Jack fight his family is pretty damn evil. But I might be off on this.

Following this back to Sun: perhaps she is also going to be “infected”. Off island Sun was not the loveable gardener on the island. She pulls a Gordon Gecko power play on her father and replaces him as CEO. She globe trots to confront Widmore motivated by revenge. Basically, Sun is now less “good” than she was before leaving the island and perhaps more inclined to follow Smokie.

Of course I could be wrong on all this…Please let me know your thoughts. I try to reply to each comment. Thanks for reading.

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