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First off I must give credit to Ralph for his "Jacob's Loop hole Trick and Geronimo Jackson explained...." theory and Olly for his "Jacob Claimed Locke" theory since they influenced my thoughts about what it means to be "claimed" and the repercussions of the act.

To start I believe that in order “to claim someone” there are some rules:

1. The person must die (Ex. Sayid/Locke)
2. The person must be returned to life by either the MIB or Jacob.
3. The entity that revives the person will be able to control/influence the actions of that person.
4. If the person was revived in the Temple Jacuzzi while the water is clear then they are claimed by Jacob.
5. If the person was revived in the Temple Jacuzzi while the water is dirty then they are claimed by the MIB.
6. Jacob has the power to “claim” people who die both ON and OFF the island.
7. The MIB can only claim those people who die on the island since he can’t leave it.
8. Once a person has been claimed by an entity the other entity may not claim them.
9. MIB and Jacob can’t kill each other nor can they kill a claimed person but they can influence the people they have claimed to do so.
10. The only way for either MIB or Jacob to be killed is by a claimed person (Ex. Ben killing Jacob, Bram not being able to kill MIB).
11. I think that only a claimed person can kill another claimed person. Like chess. Once MIB and Jacob claim a person that person becomes either a white or a black piece and those pieces may take each other. Ben being able to kill Locke and Jacob. This is equivalent to MIB taking Jacob’s Bishop and Queen. Jack not being able to kill Locke since Locke was claimed.

I'm fairly certain that Locke has been claimed by Jacob and that this will be important in the end game. Jacob claimed Locke OFF island after he fell out of the building therefore Locke can’t be claimed by MIB. This could be why MIB can’t possess the real John Locke’s body and is simply duplicating his image. I believe Flocke/MIB doesn't know this yet, he assumes he was the first to claim Locke.

Flocke/MIB has claimed Sayid through the Temple Jacuzzi’s dirty water. This would make sense if you look at the "LOST Supper" ad. Sayid is portrayed as Judas and Locke is portrayed as Jesus presenting the opposing sides (Sayid/MIB and Locke/Jacob).

Claire is claimed by MIB. She died in the bomb blast in Othersville and MIB “claimed” her. Christian is claimed by MIB. He claimed Christian after the crash. Yemi is claimed by MIB.

Richard is most probably claimed by Jacob.

Ben is claimed by MIB allowing him to be able to kill Jacob and Locke.

Now that Jacob is dead MIB believes he has all the time in the world to claim whoever he wants on the island and if he “goes home” then he can claim anyone he wants off the island too. He can wipe out Jacob’s pieces and win the game on the island (chessboard)…but now he wants to leave the board and start playing the chess game on an even bigger board (the world). You can see how this would be bad.

Perhaps in order to escape the island/go home/leave the board, the MIB must first eliminate Jacob, which he did, then "claim" certain people. I believe these people/pieces correspond to the numbers. If MIB can “claim” these people then he can use/control them to help him get off the island/board. BUT to do this he must claim all of them. I believe Sayid corresponds to one of the numbers. I believe MIB will “recruit” these people to his side only to have them killed so he can claim them.

The only problem with this is that Locke was one of the numbers. I think that MIB will assume that he has claimed all of the people (including Locke) and then not be able to escape the island. He will get furious and then realize that Jacob had claimed Locke before him. Jacob knew that he was going to lose the chess game on the island but also knew that he had to prevent MIB from moving that game to the world.

He set all this up years in advance by visiting the Losties and claiming the most important piece of all….JOHN LOCKE! Jacob knew he would be victorious in defeat. He lost the battle but won the war.

Also, I think that after realizing this MIB will try one final attempt to destroy the island and in turn destroy the world but that Jack will somehow defeat MIB and sink the island to the bottom of the ocean!

There you have it. Jacob was victorious, Jack was a hero, and in hindsight Locke was important after all even in death.
I know it may be a little hard to follow but let me know what you think. I appreciate any and all feedback. Thanks.

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