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Iterations? by Jabedoben

I had an idea a LONG time ago(circa end of Season 3/beginning of Season 4). I didn't go into many details like I am below, but I had a vague idea about the repetition of events. I wanted to revisit and speculate on it.

I had the idea that what we are seeing on the island has happened many, many times. Hundreds, perhaps thousands of times. The iterations of Rousseau's message in S1EP2 are a clue for this. Each time the loop occurs, small things are changed, but each time WHH, and it always ends the same. "It always ends the same, everything thing else is progress". This explains small changes (like young Ben's bullet wound suddenly changing position, among other things). Jacob and MIB are playing a game, each trying to outdo the other in some way each time through.

Perhaps Jacob has MIB trapped in this loop, and the only way to end it is by killing Jacob? "Do you know how much I want to kill you?"

The beginning and ending of the island, and everything that happens in between are all repeating. This explains the sense of deja-vu that seems to occur with all of the characters (i.e. Locke knowing when it's going to rain). The whispers are echoes of previous loops. Each time through, our characters remember slightly more than the previous one.

This may also explain why Desmond is "special". He is the only person who's past, present, and future can actually change during the events of a single loop. When Daniel forces Desmond to come outside the hatch, Desmond wakes up many years later and suddenly remembers it.

What we are witnessing off the island now with the Losties landing at LAX is the final iteration. The island is sunk in 1977 by the bomb, and 815 never crosses the "bubble" around the island that causes it to crash. This explains the sense of deja vu they are all experiencing when interacting with each other. What we are witnessing on island now in 2007 is leading up to the end of the final loop.

MIB's "loophole" not only refers to his physical possession of Locke and Ben killing Jacob, but also the destruction of the island and the end of his game with Jacob. Notice the word "loop"? Perhaps the "loophole" refers to finding a way to end the loop and "go home".

The people in the Temple are immune to all of this time travelling business. What they are worried about now is they have noticed that there is a HUGE difference this time around, and are unsure of the consequences.

I'm sure there are many holes in this, and I'm not sure how it's going to end. Possibly the LAX Losties end up back together and somehow save the island. Or we may just be witnessing the Series Finale (end of the loop, LAX landing) over the course of all of Season 6.

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