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Smokey and MIB are Different or Twins by Roberto

I realized something that got past me before. I am not sure if I have a theory or if this is just observation, but please give me your feedback.

The show seems to be pushing everyone into believing that the smoke monster and Flocke are the same, however I realized that they were in two places at the same time. In episode 1, season 1, the castaways hear the smoke monster and see him crashing trees. Other encounters happen over the next few seasons. I can't remember exactly the episode when Ben take Locke to the cabin for the first time, but the circle of ash seems to still be intact, so if MIB was trapped in the cabin, he couldn't be the smoke monster causing havoc everywhere else. It seems that the cicle of ash was broken by either Locke or Hurley, so if he was trapped at that time, he couldn't be the one who killed the pilot, etc.

First time entry, please give me your thoughts.

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