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The Smoke Monster is not MIB by Acros

I don't think that the man in black is actually the smoke monster.
just see the "Smoke-Camera" at the beginning of "The substitute", when we pass from smokye to flocke, there is a flash and we don't see the actual transformation just because there is no transformation! the smoke arrival at the machete and the arrival of MIB are 2 separate moments. In facts, when MIB arrives at the Dharma camp, he arrives there by foot and not as Smokye. We saw that the smoke can travel really fast, so why MIB doesn't use this form to move from place to place? because he is not Smokye!

Also I believe that the blonde child is not Aaron, but the smoke monster inself because he acts just like the other apparitions of the smoke monster (like Yemi), he just runs and tells something cryptical.
I think that the smoke monster is a sort of judge on the island, judging also the actions of jacob and MIB and protecting the one who's most powerful in a certain time (he protected MIB after Jacob was killed).

ps this is my first theory and I'm not English, so I'm sorry for any grammar error!

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