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It Is Him by Engneoz

Long time ago some people know that there is time one boy will be born to be the anti Christ and the most strongest enemy of the humanity, then they plan to make sure that he is the one ,they was in Egypt ,and he was normal kid normal child normal young boy but he feel that he is something bigger ,greater , he become a scientist or a wizard the evil become near him , and the monks and wise men become worried about him, that he is the one they know that he will come and he will destroy but they want to delay only until the time come.

They make him only stay in one place that island and they make a group to make the holy mission, to protect the island to prevent him to run away, so they start with one group but always he succeed seducing some of them to join him, but also there is another group always against him then he start completing his work chemistry, magic,..until he make him self in the form of smoky but he failed to run away because according to magic roles always circle with spells can prevent him to runaway, then he start to seduce people to run away and make army outside to come and kill the others same like Charles widmore, but the other group also start to make a group outside to help them.

The roles of the guardian is to be immortal like Jacob or Richard by the spells or the holly water so THE ANTI CHRIST can not kill him , and Jacob know that he can not kill him also .

Every day he try to seduce Jacob about running away from the island because they know the end will come and THE ANTI CHRIST must runway , but Jacob know it is not the time yet that is way he told him the end is one but the events may be change time to time.
THE ANTI CHRIST continue his work and Dharma came to the island and they work with the energy of the magic the old people they put inside the core of the island , and they try to manipulate the time , and that was the goal of THE ANTI CHRIST because once the island go back to the time before his birth he can change the roles, so he try , and also Jacob group they try and they try to bring doctor to change the problem of birth because they want the number to be increase , they try to bring more people to be the next guardian and next leader , they suspect every one , and every new child may be he is THE ANTI CHRIST so they make the room 23 they thought that Michel son is THE ANTI CHRIST because they know that he will come again but they always make test for that….
To be cont ............

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