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The show has presented us with two timelines. In the first few seconds, we are already pushed into believing that they are happening at the same time. Why are we being pushed into believing this? Before we see Jack on the plane, and before we see Kate climb down a tree, we see a recap of Juliet blowing up the bomb. My theory is the opposite.

*These two timelines are not happening at the same time.*

What do I think? The show is only presenting the two timelines at the same time by switching back and forth between the two in each episode (which leads to false assumptions). There is no such thing as a flash-sideway!
***Actually, all of the ON-island events occur BEFORE the OFF-island events.***
Let me further explain...

When we see the cast on Oceanic 815, the one that never crashed, the camera peers out the window and we see the island underwater. More specifically, we see that the barracks are beaten up pretty bad. But the barracks were not beaten up in 1977. So there is no way that Jughead caused the timeline to go from 1977 --> to the 815 that never crashed. There was not sufficient time for the barracks to deteriorate, they were shiny and new in 1977. So when the plane flew over the sunken island, it was in a post-2004 time.

Okay, so if the cast did not go from 1977 --> to the 815 that never crashes, where did they go?
That's easy. The 1977 cast moved forward in time to meet up with Sun/Frank/Ben/Ilana in post-2004. We know this because Richard sees the flare from the temple. We know this because we see the Swan hatch blown up by Desmond. We know this because Jin says we time traveled again. We know this because Jacob said "They're coming" in the season 5 finale. So now everyone is in a post-2004 time.

Something is going to happen to the island in post-2004 (when the barracks are beaten up) that makes it go underwater. Also at the end of season 6, we will see that the cast goes from post-2004 --> to the 815 that never crashed. This is how the camera can peer out of the window from 815 and we see a sunken island with broken barracks. This is my theory, the on-island events will lead up to the 815 that never crashes. One timeline leads into the other.

The events we see OFF-island will be the final scenes of the show. Even though they are presented back and forth with ON-island events, they are actually occurring in a post-sunken island time. The OFF-island events occur after ALL of the drama that occurred on that island.

One thing I noticed is that Jack's neck was bleeding on the plane. Why?
Well, according to my theory, right before the cast goes from post-2004 --> 815, Jack's jugular will be sliced open, but at that moment they will move --> to 815. That is why his neck is bleeding on the plane. Makes sense right?

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