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Watch LA X. in this episode most characters look the same, except for Jack and Charlie, when they are on 815 prior to landing in LA. Jack has his longer hair from season 5 and Charlie has short hair. Why? while I don't have a specific reason for Charlie's being short I do find it odd that when Hurley sees Charlie at Santa Rosa in the first ep of season 4 his hair is short. I wonder if this charlie is from the other universe.

Could it be that Hurley can only see people from the other universe if those same people have died in his? Could this be an effect from leaving the island? Look at how Hurley sees dead people and look at how Miles sees dead people, they are different experiences, but both might have those abilities from leaving the island.

Also why does Jack go to the bathroom twice on the plane in the LA X premier? Sure its along flight, but its almost as if he was trying to bump into Kate. Could it be that Jack and Kate have quantum leaped into their other universe selves and they planned Kate's escape, by Jack allowing her to take his pen?

So my simple theory is this: Lost is the story of two parallel universes working together to defeat Evil.

Please comment, have I over analyzed this or might I be onto something?

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