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Sayid is NOT Jacob by Mystery Scribe

Sayid is NOT Jacob. The water was tainted and didn't heal the Japanese Other's hand, so Sayid is someone else. My theory, that piggy-backs on the 3-headed Cerebus theory is: there are three smoke monsters. Right now, Locke is the dark one, but there is a white one (as seen by Locke while hunting boar) and a gray one, too (I think this is where the gray ash comes from—I don’t think the ash is either black or white, so it can hold both the dark and light smoke monsters). I think Sayid is either the white or gray smoke monster. I posted a theory many months ago about the smoke monster being used by both Jacob and MIB, but I failed to mention Ben. Ben can obviously summon Smokie (one of them), as he did to kill Keamy’s men. So, it makes sense that Flocke is dark smokie who is controlled by the MIB and Sayid is light or gray smokie, controlled by either Jacob (but who controls him now?) or Ben.

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