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"It worked" could mean... by Leyla79

When Juliet said "it worked", the natural course of thought is to assume she meant the bomb resetting time. The problem I have with that is when Sawyer found her, she was clearly upset that it didn't work and that they were still on the island and that she couldn't send Sawyer home. So, there is no way she could turn around and say "it worked" when clearly everyone is stuck on the island in 2007 and she is dead - this was never the plan. Juliet then becomes delusional and starts to talk about getting coffee. This has led me to think "It Worked" could be one of two things:

a) The obvious one that has been raised already - Juliet is having a "memory" of an alternative self, off the island, and she thinks "it works" because of this - the implication being she is having coffee with Sawyer and is happy. This isn't entirely satisfying - she said she had something really important to say to him right before dying and how is this news going to make Sawyer feel any better about his life. HE is still stuck on the island - who cares if he has some alternate self alive and well off the island? That isn't island Sawyer's reality.

b) The only other thing I could think of is somewhat more superficial and silly, but if you go back to Juliet's motive for agreeing to do this in the first place, it was entirely because Kate came back. She was utterly opposed to this entire plan until she saw Sawyer look at Kate - after that, she was convinced Sawyer was going to leave her (If I never meet you, I never have to lose you). Juliet is the one female character on the show who has not acted like a true dummy over a relationship and I found it odd she would take such a strong position and start talking nonsense about being destined for people and not destined for others, even if you love them. So for Juliet, this could "work" if her thoughts were proven correct and she knew she was right in the decision she made. She could easily believe that she is dying and Kate is alive and well so she was right that Sawyer was meant to be with Kate (or at the very least Sawyer and Juliet weren't meant to be together). OR ! maybe, in her alleged vision, she was getting coffee with not just Sawyer, but Kate as well - with the two of them together and obviously as a couple. It was important for her to tell Sawyer this because she didn't want him to mourn her death or think that it was in vain. I don't know, just a thought.

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