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Sayid is going to be Jacob by Andy C

My theory is Sayid is still alive and needs to be killed so jacob can take his body. Pretty much the people in the temple can not kill sayid themselves so they have to get Jack to convince sayid to take the pill and kill himself. Locke is a good hunter and Sayid is good at harming so Jacob can battle Locke in the end. Jacob has to protect his followers with sayid's body.

Black smoke is the devil. Big question is who is Jack's father? Is Jack's father God and Jack is jesus? Jack and Sawyer will end up battling each other. It was set up like that from the beginning. There was 12 apostles so is the lost cast the apostles or some of them.

One other thing, is Jack and Sawyer going to replace Jacob and the black smoke? Either way there will be an end battle.

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