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I was just thinking about this a few minutes ago, but what if Jacob and Flocke both were candidates at some point in time for the island, and Flocke (Like Sawyer is now) was manipulated by the past Smoke Monster just like Sawyer is now and because of this he turned into the new Smoke Monster sense in the episode, "The Substitute," he said he was human at some point in time. So is Flocke now doing the same thing to Sawyer that the old Smoke Monster did to him so many years ago, so that he can finally return home? I believe that Jacob was the final candidate years ago and that is why he is the protector of the island and because Flocke was manipulated by the past Smoke Monster he too was stuck on the island for the sins he committed by betraying the island and following the old Smoke Monster. I almost see Jack becoming the new Jacob and Sawyer will become the new Smoke Monster, sense like we all now like Jacob and ! Flocke, Jack and Sawyer have a continuous grudge against each other and maybe then we will see both Jack and Sawyer on the island watching people come to the island once again creating an endless loop.

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