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These are the requirements to be an Others' leader (not confirmed):
1) Be visited as child.
2) Pass the "reincarnation" test .
3) Free himself of his darkest torment by killing him.
4) Something really special.
5) Have leadership attributes.

Let´s take a look on requirements that Locke, Ben and Sawyer had/have to become a leader of the Others.

[Sorry since now, english is not my first language.]

The requirements that Locke passed:
1) He was visited by Richard when he was a little boy.
4) He traveled to the past.
5) He provided food, protection and counselling to the Losties. He influenced and guided them. He introduced himself as leader to Richard.

The requirements that Ben passed:
1) He was visited by Richard when he was a little boy.
3) Freed himself of his father opression by killing him.
4) He saw and talked with his dead mother.
5) He decided not to kill baby Alex and Danielle. He confronted Widmore´s orders (Richard acknowleged that).

The requirements that Sawyer may pass:
1) He was visited by Jacob when he was a little boy.
3) He killed Cooper, he released himself after.
4) He traveled to the past.
5) He protected, influenced and guided the leftbehinders and the 77's Losties. He defended Dharmies from Richard and became the Dharma head of security.

As you can see, none of them fulfill the second requirement, they didn´t pass the "reincarnation" test (tibetan inspired test)(Ben?). Locke failed the third requirement too, because he transfered his task to Sawyer. Maybe, Richard is so desperate and tired of looking for the rightful leader, the right one, that closed his eyes to a few unfulfilled requirements of the candidates. As example, Richard, seeing that Locke couldn´t kill his father, suggested to him that Sawyer could.

What about Sawyer? The long-time Other was mistaken! Richard believed that Locke could be the perfect candidate in 2004, because a chain of events that started with his encounter with him in 1954. John Locke claimed to be from the future, his future leader. Sawyer, he was in that same year, but Richard didn´t saw him.

Then Richard Alpert finally met Sawyer in 1974, but was misleaded again. Sawyer said, "I also know that 20 years ago, some bald fella limped into your camp and fed you some mumbo jumbo about being your leader. And then poof... he went and disappeared right in front of ya. Any of this ringin' a bell? That man's name is John Locke, and I'm waitin' for him to come back.". To Richard was like saying that Locke was the important one, although he was losing his hopes on him (who failed the "reincarnation" test and rejected Mittelos' invite), and seemed suprised by time traveler Jim.

But Jim La Fleur didn´t use his real name, either. How could Alpert visit him as a child? In the other hand, Jacob did visit little James, while he was writing his letter to Cooper. The mysterious man knew he was special and even touched him. I guess Richard didn´t know about this and, after his talking with Jack, in 1977, he renewed his hopes on Locke. Remains one requirement, the Sawyers' test.

A moment, reincarnation of whom? It´s just a figurative reincarnation, or not. Richard wants to bring back a great past leader, through a person who shares with that man important characteristics (the requirements). Maybe a past event, his actions or his leadership must to be recreated. However, i wonder if the leader search isn´t conected to "the man in the cabin". Neither Jacob nor MIB, the "Help me!" guy.

Locke picked the sand (the container of the granules), the compass and failed on the third item, the knife. Many think he should have choosed the "Book of Laws", perhaps the most important of them. We don´t know if adult Sawyer can still do the test. If he does, as a avid reader, he probably will claim the book. From "Every Man for Himself" to leader, once again. The true leader. Sawyer is the leader that Richard is looking for!

Ending, we have one last character´s requirements. In this case the patricide didn´t free at all, on the contrary, gave more motives to run. I don´t know if she fits or not, but...

The requirements that Kate may pass:
1) She was visited by Jacob as child.
3) She murdered her father to try free herself of him.
4) She saw the same black horse that first helped her escaping from Marshall.
5) She provided food, protection and counselling to the Losties. She influenced and guided them.

That´s it! Hope i have brought some good and new ideas. And i would like to thank very much your attention!

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