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Aaron is Jacob is MIB by Lift It UpBrutha

Credit where credit is due, sorry if this has been said before, etc...

What if Aaron, as a child, was split into two timelines. One Aaron was raised by Claire, one Aaron was "raised by another." The Aaron raised by Claire grew up to become Jacob. The Aaron raised by another grew up to be MIB. Somehow, two timelines merged and Jacob and MIB were able to occupy the same time and space--their two timelines merged." Somehow they cannot break free and live separately in their own "alternate timelines."

This would account for why Malkin warned against letting Aaron be raised by another. It would also account for why MIB said he hated Jacob. It's two sides of the same game--two sides of Aaron. One dark, one white. Each of us have a dark side. MIB and Jacob are literally the two sides of a single person, the physical embodiment of our dueling souls.

I admit this theory is very tenuous because it doesn't account for why Ben or someone else could kill Jacob. The battle is for which "Aaron," and essentially, which timeline will succumb to the other.


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