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When we first meet the Losties, they crash on an island and none of them knew each other, but they somehow got their act together throughout Season 1 and learned to work together.

The first humans throw away their primal tendencies and stop fighting with one another. Eventually, they learn to work as groups and establish the first societies.

- Season 2 introduces the Tailies and the Others. The Losties now have to deal with OTHER groups of people on the Island, both friendly and foe.

The first societies start to realize there are other societies of man on the planet. There is suspicion and fear of one another, but eventually societies grow to have fickle, unstable alliances that eventually lead to Kingdoms, Countries, Empires, etc.

- Season 3 deals with the two-sided struggle between the now-allied Losties and Tailies, against the Others. The struggle becomes serious and violent.

World conflicts escalate to meta-alliances of countries against one another. The Greek, Roman, Ottoman, etc. Conquests are waged across the Eurasian continent

- Season 4 deals with the story expanding outside the island. The Losties leave, some stay behind, the drama expands to a greater level, with hints of much greater rivalries going on outside of the isolated story we were used to. The Island is attacked from the outside, the Oceanic 6 are attacked off island. The Oceanic 6 realize they can't expect to be happy off the Island while there were still problems on the Island.

Humans begin mass expansion and expand throughout the entire globe. The American continents are discovered and a new age of empires is forged. While the Americas are looked to as a potential new paradise, the Old World continues to have its troubles. The two World Wars are primarily fought in Europe and Asia, and afterwards, the Middle East descends into a den of poverty and terrorism. The United States and the other superpowers are forced to "go back" and try to fix the Middle East problems, before the balance of power in the world becomes unstable.

- Season 5 deals with a travel back in time, a backstory to narrate where the Island has come from, before finishing the series in season 6. In a clever time-travel storyline, we learn about the history of the Island, its previous inhabitants, and how our characters have themselves already shaped the storyline we had already known.

In the age of "peace," a massive acceleration of knowledge and technological advances allows humans to discover more about themselves and their history. Within 50 years, mankind learns the intricacies of its science, nature, biology, history, etc. By the dawn of the 21st century, the entire history and understanding of the world as we so far know it can be accessed through the Internet.

- Season 6 deals with the core struggle between good and evil that we have encountered since day 1. Since the beginning, the rivalry between white and black, light and dark, good and evil has surrounded all the events of this show. While the characters at first thought they accidentally crashed on the Island and into one another, they finally realize they are on the Island for a reason. There "being there" is not an accident, it is not trivial. They are important, and once they realize it, they can be capable of great things. In addition, we have an "alternate timeline", a pseudo-reality created from the "ideal" world of how the characters wish their lives could have been

Mankind is on the brink of a new Enlightenment. We have the capability to sustain our race, extend our life, understand and fulfill our own happiness. We have only yet to realize this as a race, that the true struggle of humankind was between good and evil, not each other. The good and evil lie within us. We allow ourselves to be CLAIMED by our own vanity and sins. Once we can realize this collectively as a race, we can move onto discover the real reason we are here on this little island planet called Earth. We are achieving this with our computer generated realities (Movies, TV, videogames, etc.). We are capable of viewing our lives as we would like them to be IDEALLY, and from this, we learn. We write books and make movies about an ideal world, and even though we obviously don't live in that world, we have a template to compare.

Lost is about a group of strangers who learn to work together to overcome their own inner demons. Once they learn to acknowledge what they are capable of and what obstacles they need to overcome, only then can they achieve true happiness.

As humans, we are tasked to protect the world and fulfill our destiny.

"Protect the Island from what?" - Sawyer

"Nothing, absolutely nothing." - Flocke

And that's where Flocke is trying to mislead us. We have to protect our planet, because its where we live. We can't leave and expect things to get better. We need to acknowledge our shortcomings and realize our potentials. Only then can we end bring the "lost" chapter of our race to an end.

Find your destiny, get there, and by definition, you will finally

not be lost

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