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ATL is a Flashforward by ZombieSayid

I for one prescribe to the theory that the World, as connected to the Island, is on a gigantic loop. Everything that has happened through the first 5 seasons has happened before, possibly thousands of times. Jacob and MIB have moving around the pieces in different ways to try and reach a different outcome, or possibly THE outcome. The events maybe change from time to time, but certain things (i.e. the players, the island, larger events) have always stayed relatively the same.

With this set of moves on the parts of both MIB (finding a loophole) and Jacob (in my opinion sacrificing himself to MIB, via Ben's knife) things are running down a new an fresh path, a path that will end with the correct progress that Jacob described as being the ending that happens just once. Since it is referenced several times throughout the series that many of these characters are being granted 2nd and 3rd chances to make amends for their past mistakes, I propose that it isn't necessarily on The Island that everyone will reach an ultimate redemption or clearance of conscious.

So far it has seemed that many people have come to grips with themselves in the ATL, though still through many of their usual character arches. Kate is still a fugitive, but doesn't simply think for herself. Jack isn't a drunk anymore, and has maybe found the one thing that is worthy of "fixing", the broken relationship he and his father never had, through his son David. Hurley is lucky now and owns his favorite restaurant. Locke seemed to be happy teaching (much like he did with Walt and Boone), and Rose helped him get there (through explaining her coping with cancer no less). Even smaller roles seemed content and at ease, such as Ben, Ethan, Sawyer and Dogan. My biggest concern is with Charlie and whether he was trying to kill himself or not. Nonetheless, I believe that this maybe the result of Jacob's final ending, give rebirth to all of these characters lives, clear of all the baggage the brought to the island, and presumably buried on the ocean floor. They all have vagu! e remembrances of their past lives, something like deja vu, but ultimately their reward for helping Jacob win the game, is getting to live their lives a little closer to self-actualization.

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