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A peek into the alternate reality by Engberg

Okay, haven't had time to read a lot of theories today, so this could've been posted before.

I think the lighthouse shows the lives of the people written on the co-ordinates. Not in this timeline though, in the alternate timeline. I believe Jacob used this method of looking into the alternate timeline. I think that's how he knew what to change, or who to touch in order to make the candidates come to the island.

This would mean that Jack was in his childhood home in the alternate reality in 2007, if the mirrors do in fact show the alternate reality at this point in time. This would also mean that the realities aren't converging any time soon.

And I think it's pretty obvious, but I'm gonna add it in here, I think the mirrors simply showed ocean and Jack, or a direct reflection from behind them, because the candidate was dead. Not necessarily dead in the real timeline, but definitely dead in the alternate timeline, meaning there is no life to show images from. This is if my theory is correct.


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