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some bits and pieces......... first, perhaps the sideways universe should not be referred to as "what would have happened if 815 never crashed." I'm beginning to think the bigger picture, once revealed, will show us what would have happened had jacob never interfered. It doesn't seem our losties were the first experiment either. Although Locke episodes are always my favorite, obviously the key to this whole game lies in the "unshown" Jacob/MIB episode. Richard is privy to some--but apparently not all, of the important questions and answers. In fact, perhaps Richard was the Island's first Locke, in a sense, blindly following Jacob's commands without question for what seems to be 200 years, all in the name of protecting the island. And i know MIB/Locke are probably supposed to represent evil/darkness but what if Jacob's meddling in the lives of all these people, for all these years, is NOT what was supposed to ! happen. There certainly has been more suffering and tribulations on this island (this place is death) than good, from what we've been shown, and perhaps this damn island isn't even SUPPOSED to exist.

i've also seen (as well as wondered myself) questions as to why season 1 Locke looked into "the soul of this island" and saw beauty, but i just now believe that was part of MIB's long con all along.

and finally, do we now have confirmation, beyond all reasonable doubt, that this "sideways universe" isn't simply "if 815 had never crashed." Helen and Locke are getting married. Let's invite John's dad? things are different. it's not simply an 815 reset-- i really believe it's an UnJacob world. And perhaps, and i'm sure someone will prove me wrong here as well, but just maybe, in this "sideways" world, Anthony Cooper isn't really John's biological father at all? Is that the "invite your dad" catch? I still believe the sideways universe is the result of an event we have yet to see.

perhaps, the reason our losties were screwed up in the first place WAS because of Jacob. Locke doesn't seem to be living a completely fantastic life, BUT he has Helen, she accepts him for who he is, and it seems HE is beginning to as well. Did Abbadon still suggest that walkabout to him? How deeply do we analyze the similarities/differences? Kate seems capable of human kindness, and Hugo surely is in better shape. Perhaps they are in better places because the true reset, which we've yet to see happen, erases not just flight 815's crash, but all of Jacob's meddling.

Now, how does Benjamin fit into all this? before theorizing further, i'm going to revisit the Horace/Olivia/Amy/Roger/Ben backstory once more..............

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