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Many have theorised since season 2 how the manifestations of previous island inhabitants can only be of soles that are dead, with their body on the island but NOT buried.

Today's episode was the biggest indicator that this theory could be correct. We have seen MIB transform from Smokey to Flocke in this episode, so this can happen presumably at will. Also we have previously seen manifestations of Alex, Yemi and few others who are dead but NOT buried.

The show has always made a point about burying characters, it obviously has significance.

In this episode we see real Locke about to get buried, this is the last we see of that scene, could it be that MIB will then transform into his former self or someone else or even be trapped in that form forever once the burial has been completed?

Also, for the first time we see what we must assume to be a manifestation performed by Jacob, something he can now do that he is dead. We can assume that this it is young Jacob being manifested also.

Many have talked about there being more than one smoke monster (remember way back at season 1 i think, Locke says he saw the smoke monster and what he saw was beautiful, bright). Could this smoke monster be white? Could it represent good? Could it be the manifestation of Jacob? Could it be the security system of the temple?

Consider the fact that Jacob is now dead, could this mean that he can now transform himself to people who have died on the island?

It's interesting how he burned into the mysterious ash when he was killed, we must assume that this is the mysterious ash as Illana took some and seemed to know what she was doing with it, as she did with the idea of burying Locke.

But does the ash mean that he is buried or still out there to be 'claimed' by MIB?

Based on Christianity, the dead can either be buried or turned to ashes, this could indicate that both are treated the same in this instance.

What if....Jacob, (the good guy it seems) who is portrayed as a sort of Jesus like figure could manifest himself as fellow 'practitioners' of Christianity. What I mean by this is that Jacob as opposed to MIB CAN manifest himself as those who are buried, those who are burned to ashes, those who therefore 'practicing' Christianity. But that he can't manifest himself as those are not buried or burned.

Wild prediction here, but if this theory is correct, we could be due to see Jacob as the one manifesting Locke rather than MIB.

Basically I've took parts of a well known theory which was supported by tonight’s episode....and then added a bit more off the top of my head.

What do you think?

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