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Miles Power Stems from the Smoke Monster? by Greg

This is going to be quick, but I'm surprised I haven't read anything about it yet. When Miles is reading Juliet's dead body, don't we hear some noises that are very similar to that of the smoke monster?

I've watched the scene twice and noticed it clearly both times.

I have no idea how or why, but I have a feeling some of the powers the losties have are due to some connection to Jacob or MIB/Smoke Monster/(F)Locke (assuming they are the same entity).

Hurley talks to dead people including Jacob and his power might possible stem from Jacob. Miles can read dead people somehow, and his power might stem from the smoke monster.

If I'm right, can we trust the message he gets from Juliet? And, if we can't trust the message, then is that ALT timeline real or something else?

Remember Walts odd powers? Maybe they are tied to one of those two characters.

I would appreciate some feedback, and I should also state I am starting to feel Jacob is not a typical good guy. Unless he has some really good excuse or his followers are just all assholes for some reason, he is more grey than anything else. MIB/Smoke Monster is starting to seem like a misunderstood character rather than just evil.

Not saying Smoke Monster is a good guy, just saying that he/it might not be as much of a monster as we think.

Plus, I love it when the Others are scared. I'm sick of the Others and if they all drown when the island sinks to the bottom of the sea so be it.


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