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It always ends the same... by Geronimo Jackson

I don't believe we are seeing an alternate reality so to speak, nor do I believe we are seeing the end or the result od events to come with these current off island flashes. What I do believe we are seeing is the previous iteration of the time loop.

I think that the flashes that we are seeing are what the losties experienced while unconscious after the flash, similar to what Desmond experienced after turning the failsafe key. this would explain Jack's sense of familiarity on the plane. Now for why the Island is at the bottom of the ocean.

I believe the island is at the bottom of the ocean in that iteration of the time loop because that was how that iteration, as well as all others before it ended. Its a last resort, in order to keep anyone else from finding it and misusing it. This would make the conversation between MIB and Jacob make much more sense.

No matter who Jacob has ever brought to the Island, it has always ended with the Island being either hidden away or sunk to the bottom of the ocean which would explain MIB sayin it always ends the same. The progress that Jacob speaks of is that with every iteration of the loop, they get closer and closer to what Jacob believes will be the proper or true end, whatever that is.

I think that in the prior loop, which we're seeing flashes of, the Island was sunk when the DI hit the pocket of energy. Which is why the Losties were sent to the Island and the events that we have been witnessing over the past 5 seasons have taken place. Perhaps Jacob has finally found the right combination of people and events to finally bring the loop to an end.

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