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MIB was the first candidate? by Agimudie

So how did MIB get to the island, used to be a man, and wants to get the heck away from there? What if he was Jacob's first candidate to take his place?? But as you can tell from MIB's personality, he wasn't into the whole idea of "protecting the island."
It seems that MIB seems to know what all the candidates on the island are exactly thinking. This could be because he was in the exact position as they were. Jacob tried to show him the beauty and power of the island, and he rejected it and became bitter. Yes he obviously has some sort of power of reading peoples minds...like when he knew Locke's final thoughts, but that cold only apply to the dead that he takes thier forms.

Yes, MIB rags on Human kind and makes a seperation between himself and people during the beginning of the incident, but that could have been after jacob's attempt to make him believe what jacob believes about humanity being clean. Maybe jacob allowed him to leave the island with special powers and try to help humans along the line like Jacob did, but he abused his powers and found humanity to be evil....And Jacob kept him on the island...Until he found his loophole of using human choice(Jacob's #1 Philosophy) against jacob to kill him.
This could also explain why jacob went off the island and helped the Losties, kinda to prove MIB wrong. They are definatley doing a good job at making jacob look like a bad guy this season, but i still feel his intentions are in the right place, anyways.....

The question of how he became the smoke monster is still a mystery..and a whole nother theory..

this is just a theory i randomly thought of today....who knows ....could work..........

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