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House of Mystery by President Plissken

Its old but I keep coming back to Jacob and MIB being Cane and Abel. It's like God put them on this Island as a sort of test of humanity and as a punishment to Cane. I think MIB keeps slaying Jacob over and over, hence the "ashes", which they use to guard against Smokey and the saying of "you know you can't kill him" because you already did and now it just doesn't work any more. Also why he says he wants to go home. Also explains how he claims he was human once and understands emotions. Also why when the Black Rock was showing up he says that they'll just do what they always do, kill, which suggests he's been around a long time to see it happen over and over. Also explains why " I want to Kill you so much right now " line. God also explains a lot of the start over and random stuff that "happens" to our Losties over and over. Its part of the "plan".

PS im not religious just thought it sorta makes sense.

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