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MIB not original form of SMOKEY! by TheDigitalNet

Please let me know if this has been posted already.

With over 6 months to wonder how season 6 would start i had plenty of time to come up with my version of how i would of started the Season 6 premier. It starts with my theory that the Man we saw in the black shirt is not important at all!! let me explian.

Here is how i would of started the season 6 premier:

Begining of fantasy screenplay

Camera shows a man walking around the jungle, looks like hunting something. You can hear and see something moving through the tall grass and BOOM a wild boar comes running out of the jungle but then gets speared.

Camera shows (only the hands) pick up the boar. Next shot shows the boar roasting over a firepit on a stick. Camera shows a man's hands tearing cooked meat apart and eating it.

All of a sudden you hear the sound....BROOOOOOOOO (Smokey sound).
The man drops the meat from his hands and starts to look around terrified. He tries to run but doesnt get very far, the smoke monster grabs him slams him around until he is dead. Smoke disappears. Camera slowly pans over the dead body and as it passes over his face we see it is none other than the MAN IN BLACK himself!


Scene continues by showing the season 5 finale, Jacob fishing, cooking, and in walks the MAN IN BLACK. They end their conversation, show the statue, and cut to Jack and friends in 1977 trying to detonate the bomb. And the rest, goes on as we saw from that point.

End of fantasy screenplay

I was so confident coming into season 6 that that was how the season was going to start, very similar to how teh finale of season 5 started. Now on to my theory :)

I strongly believe that the person we saw as the "Man in Black shirt" is not the original form of smokey, just some regular person that was on the island and died, either by smokey or other causes, but smokey took his form.

Support for my theory:
1. The actor is someone we've never seen before and i doubt they introduce any new faces for someone so important so late in the series. (i understand Dogen is important, but not THAT important)
2. When Jacob asked MIB if he was hungry he stated, no thanks i just ate. Since the first time i heard him say that i automatically thought he was the smoke monster. The way he said it was too out of the norm. This would mean he meant "he just ate" by smokey taking over this Man in black's body, or the man in black literally "just ate" (as in my fantasy screenplay).

Does anyone agree with me?

Thanks for taking the time to read! :)

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