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Ive been on dark ufo for years but never on the forum(have read the fuselage forums though) or even put up a theory, so if this is been said before, I apologize.

The Minute the flash sideways was mentioned & seen in La X alot of people have said that its possibly a flashfoward as to how the show ends,Its not. Here is why I think it really is a flash sideways and not the ending to lost.Im not a great writer so it might bounce all over the place.

Michael Emerson said in an interview which is up somewhere on this site, that once you see the first episode of the new season you are gona want to go back to season one and rewatch the show over again. But i dont think its because of Mysteries being answered,but something that has been there since the very first scene that we havent noticed. There was once a rumor that Damon said "we missed something in the very first episode of lost." which later damon said was just a rumor that was started and had no truth to it.(ill get back to what it is in a minute).
Since the Very begining fans have complained that the producers & writers & who ever is in charge of keeping the scenes on track were messing up,examples: props in one scene n very next scene are missing or in a different place,Clocks go from 7am to 8am in matter of seconds in a scene.(nothing to do with time on the island,because time is not something you see or feel,if time is diff on the island the clock shouldnt be changing,because then otherwise ppl would be aging quicker or vice versa)...sInce the very first episode we've been seeing these 2 universes.
What really gets me is when jack runs out of the jungle to the beach in the first scene,one second its very quiet & next theres tons of noise as if we went from one place to another,when all he did was look to his right(quiet) then to his left(noise)...Can it be that scene was meant to show us that we are watching 2 diff universes?
If you go back there have been scenes where it looks as if peoples eye colors change from brown to blue,thats because they are.You are seeing ben universe 1 and ben universe 2. We have been watching 2 different dimensions or universe or alt realities..whatever you want to call em.
when desmond went back in time after he turned the failsafe key,did he really go back in time or was it a different dimension? only time I think he really went back in time was in the constant.
Last season we got more hints,when Lil ben was shot,one minute the wound is on the right side and very next scene lil ben's wound is on the left side.
When Ben first met Richard Alpert in the jungle, richard had long hair & was dressed not like his usual self. Yet, when our losties went back in time we saw richard as we are used to seeing him with short hair n his blue buttondown. That scene with ben & richard took place in both universes,but we got to see universe 2,in universe 1 it prob happen with richard 2(short hair & blue buttondown).
When Ben is living in the jungle with the others,after he kidnaps baby alex. I also believe this is universe 2 and not 1. In one ben returns to live with the dharma folks in dharmaville. In this universe we are seeing ben living with the others and never went back to dharmville. So maybe we were also seeing flashbacks from universe 1 and universe 2 at different points.
Im also starting to think that some people have gotten mixed up a bit,certain people from universe 1 are in universe 2 and vice versa,which might explain somethings like jacks "he walks among us,but isnt one of us"..Also jacks other tattoo which appeared out of nowhere. It didnt appear out of nowhere,it was always there on jack universe 2.

Why all this? can it be bacause thats where Mib's home is? can it be he was from island universe 2 and somehow got trapped on island universe 1?
if you guys have more examples please share,I dont have the time to go back or the great memory to remember every single detail of past seasons. once again sorry if I didnt make this detailed enough or wasnt written so well,Proper writing isnt my thing lol..please share your thoughts & scenes that might prove this theory and maybe as to how it connects in the end.

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