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MIB is NOT the Smoke Monster by Adam Young

MIB is not smokie, although smokie IS protecting MIB. Smokie appeared when someone shot at MIB, and then MIB hid behind a pillar before disappearing. Smokie then steamed into the chamber from the other direction, not from behind the pillar.

Outside, Richard warns Ilana and the Others not to shoot MIB. Why? Because anyone trying to harm MIB has smokie to contend with.

This why MIB couldn't kill Jacob himself - because Jacob was under the protection of smokie. This why he needed a loophole, i.e. get someone else to kill him. So why isn't Ben being stomped by smokie? Because Ben is (or was) the island's Leader, and smokie (in the form of Ben's daughter) has already told him to do everything "John Locke" says, so for now he's safe.

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