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The final season of Lost is upon us and for many of us theories and ideas we have held for years are falling into place. They are either being disproven or evidence is adding up that the crazy theories and ideas you have discussed at the pub with your friends are looking less like drunken ramblings and more like clairvoyance.
Ok, so, here is what we can infer from the season 6 opener.
1. Juliet, not Desmond activated the “fail safe” at the swan hatch just look at the pictures below;


In the image on the left, we have the crater left behind when Desmond used the failsafe at the start of season 3. In the image on the right, we have the crater at the start of season 6. Notice that the concrete wall that Jack is standing next to is only about half-way up the original crater from season 3. In other words, the location is the same but different. The detonation of Jughead successfully changed time.
2. Whatever happened happened. The events at the base of the statue have not been affected at all, in fact where/whenever the team that detonated Jughead are now, most likely 2007, those events have not changed, even a little bit. Only now Jack, Kate et al. are there and are part of that story, the events of 2007 have not changed.
Here’s where the logical leap comes in. We can see that Operation Jughead was successful and that by extension, Oceanic 815 didn’t crash because the swan station was never finished. Desmond never went to the island, never met Kelvin and the events from seasons 1-4 never happened.
Season 5 however must happen because of the Grandfather Paradox. Somehow, the passengers of Oceanic 815 WILL HAVE TO go back to 1977 and detonate Jughead, with Faraday and his team in tow. After all time doesn’t change until 1977 so everything that happened on the island in season 5 will always happen. Charles Widmore will always be banished, Faraday will always be shot by his own mother, Miles Straum and the rest of the Dharma civilians will always be evacuated and of course Juliet will always detonate Jughead with a rock.
What we are likely to watch during the final season of Lost is course correction doing its thing. Why the island itself sank is unknown, but the ALT timeline is the current timeline and everything we watched that occurred after 1977 in seasons 1-4 did not happen. Darlton can refer to them as flash-sideways all they want. What we will be watching is a NEW history of how and why the passengers of that plane end up on the island, go back to 1977 and detonate Jughead all over again.
Now upon writing that last paragraph I started asking myself why Darlton refers to them as flash-sideways, the reason is simple. The timeline of the show itself has moved sideways. We will see how the events have changed and shortened, the events of season 5 effectively short circuited the whole system, and like electricity the story will follow the path of least resistance, not only will we witness how things have changed, we will witness how they don’t change. Somehow the passengers (but only the IMPORTANT passengers) will end up on the island. Somehow Jack, Kate, Sayid, Claire, Aaron and Sun will leave the island. And somehow Ben Linus and John Locke will leave the island to bring them back, resulting in Locke being dead in a flight container and Ben killing Jacob.
The first shot of season 6 was not the final shot of the show, it was when everything changed. Questions will be answered because events will happen differently. The manipulation of the survivors will happen off the island rather than on it. The island will rise from the seabed and the two timelines will meet in the middle. I would guess that some people will find themselves on the Ajira flight that were not there before in order to explain how Jin, Juliet and Sawyer among others, find themselves on the island.
As for how it will all end, I am as clueless as everyone else, but there will be only one ending, on the island, in 2007, everything else is just progress.

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