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Here is my crack at explaining Lost before the final season airs. Basically, the island exists somewhere on another place or planet in the far distant universe. Jacob and the Man in Black are it's alien inhabitants and are also the "smoke monsters". That's right, I said monsters. Plural. Jacob's been bringing people to the island for a countless amount of time to play out a game in some sort of cosmic "ant farm" and the stakes they are playing for are dire if not the end of the world. Please let me explain.

First, the island itself. Getting to and from the island is done through wormholes. This is something the General Theory of Relativity allows and is scientifically plausible only it's something completely out of our understanding. But theoretically, it is something another far more advanced alien civilization could master, the manipulation of time and space. The Electromagnetic properties of the island and it's effect on the healing nature of the island and fertility issues can also be explained by this being a another planet far different from our own. The writers tipped their hat to this early in the series when Hurley and Sayid pick up a radio transmission from early in the 20th century on the beach. It is said if life did exist elsewhere and they were technologically advanced we would pick up things like radio waves. The reverse is happening here, they are picking up distant signals from us and are far off somewhere else. I'll stop listing small reasons and exampl! es though and get on to the major support and foundation of this theory.

The creators have maintained that the show is rooted in science. By making the island another alien place, you can allow for all the different fantastical elements of the show and still have a pseudo-scientific explanation for everything. And look at the literary freedom it gives the writers. Whatever crazy concept or story idea they want to add it just easily falls under "Well, that's just how this distant planet works." There are a million different ingenious theories out there that explain this or that certain phenomenon and many are very complicated. If the show were to explain all these different complex ideas, you would need Stephen Hawking as a script supervisor and the amount of time it would take to answer all these things would leave no room for character or plot. The beauty of this theory however is in it's simplicity. Everything supernatural that occurs is covered under the umbrella of the island being able to do what we can only theoretically imagine. And! even though most things on Lost are bizarre they are not altogether impossible. Scientists say life existing out in the universe is not only possible it's probable. You can also add time travel, parallel universes and timelines, the properties of electromagnetism and so on to the list of things that Relativity, Quantum Mechanics and String Theory allow for. When the series finally comes to a close it can give this as a suitable answer without having to explain exactly how every little thing works. Now on to Jacob, the MIB and Smoke Monsters.

What bothered me first about this whole idea was that consequentially if the island is another planet or far off place, that would make Jacob an alien. And I just couldn't imagine Damon and Carlton having Jacob take off his mask Scooby-Doo style and showing everyone he was one of the lizard people. However, after watching season 5 and the finale it is obvious they hint at Faux Locke being both the Smoke Monster and the MIB. I am led to believe that the Smoke Monster and the MIB are one in the same, with the smoke being the MIB's true "Alien" form. This is also Jacobs true form. Basically, these are what the aliens look like and truly are. Taking the form of dead bodies or projecting themselves as different things is something they are simply able to do. Having there be more than 1 monster would also explain the ambiguous dual nature of Smokey, like at some times acting crazed and murdering the pilot to other times appearing as a guiding force or judging people. ! Another example is this, remember when, back in the "real world" Jack is in the hospital and hears the smoke alarm go off. He then goes in the lobby to see his dead father Christian. The smoke alarm is obviously telling us this is the Smoke Monster from the island appearing as Christian here on earth as he does on the island. Now, if the Smoke Monster is just some crazy maniacal cloud of smoke functioning as a security system for the temple, isn't it hard to imagine it packing a suitcase and catching the closest portal to earth to mess with Jack's head and convince him to come back to the island. But it makes perfect sense if it was the MIB or Jacob, who we've already seen travel off the island to here to interact with the Losties. I also don't like the idea of Jacob just being some ancient god or deity. It doesn't jibe with the scientific foundation always present in the show and I think all the Egyptian imagery and artifacts presented are just a lark and there to sh! ow that Jacob has been bringing people to the island for a ver! y long t ime. Aliens may be fiction but at least it's science fiction.

What exactly are Jacob and the MIB up to? It's apparent some type of game of is being played but I don't think we're given enough information right now to know the nature of it. With the numbers being revealed in the online Lost Experience as being the components of some sort of doomsday Valenzetti equation, I think it's safe to assume the end of the world might be at stake. And with all the talk about destiny and purpose the characters fates have to culminate with something extremely substantial on the line. I agree with other theories that although it looks from Comic-Con that 815 will land safely that whatever happened still happened and it will be a matter of "flashing-sideways" and we'll see what went horribly wrong before a closed time loop began. But here is where I'll stop. If you've read this far, thanks for listening and here's to hoping for a great final season.

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