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Chaos by Niknar

I realize that many of my posts have been philosophical in nature, but the Lost writers did name some of their characters after philosophers. Actually two of them were known for their political philosophy more than anything else. Both Locke and Rousseau's political philosophies influenced two revolutions that dramatically altered the nature of political systems. There is also a Hume on the show. I think that Hume's scientific interpretation of the self as a large grouping of perceptions and the relation and causality between them could be the reason for the writers creating a character named Hume. I have not even mentioned the fact that when Damon was asked what type of character he would be his reply was a philosopher is an indication that the show addresses some philosophical questions. I really hope they do/can. (no offense to the writers)

Nietzsche once said "that one must have chaos in oneself to give birth to a dancing star". This implies that we must embrace the paradoxical nature of life and circumstances. There is a lot of speculation as to how this particular story will unfold. The writers/directors have been very clear that they will answer some of the big mysteries, but they can not answer everything. I believe that the questions that they will not answer will be questions that we must ask ourselves. It seems as though the show will be dealing with parallel or alternate realities. Therefore, at the end of the show (if this is an answer that they don't answer) we should question our own understanding of reality. Why is it that we have become so comfortable with our current understanding of reality. Do we even really understand our own history. Do you simply subscribe to contemporaries that believe we have come to the end of Heggle's history?

Jacques Derrida (a post modern theorist) had a different interpretation of reality. He rejected the dogmatic representation of truth as timeless certainty. I think that this is one of the major themes of Lost. Our perceptions of reality are dictated by a verity of factors and playing out those factors can be like a game. It was suggested by another theorist that the show is just a big game similar to a chess game. I think that chess is an interesting game. I believe the element of chess that is more applicable to my theory (even to that of lost) is that fact that it introduces various forms of social mobility. That is that a pawn can become King or Queen. This begs the question that if the show is about redemption and destiny then who determines either of these? I think that the show has suggested that the characters do. Therefore, it supposes that the spirit of each character belongs to that character alone. This almost "liberal" understanding of the individual and! the self could not simply come down to a battle of good against evil. I guess that I always went along with Twain on that point. He said "I Don't Like To Commit Myself About Heaven And Hell..You See, I Have Friends In Both Places." I will know more as the show comes to a close.

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