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John Locke becomes one with the Island by Alex

I thought of this when they buried John Locke. As we all know, John has always had a certain "connection" or "communion" with the Island. It is a very Zen like thing for John, being there.

Now that John Locke is dead and buried, it is now very literal that John Locke is becoming "one" with the Island.

I'm starting to believe that we may not necessarily see (the real) John Locke resurrected on the Island but instead we may see him through the Island itself as if the Island becomes sentient in a way. I mean that in the same way some Native American cultures believe that all things (trees, rocks, animals) have a spirit.

Maybe Locke will help the Losties with a gust of wind or as a native animal.

My point isn't necessarily what he will control, but just now he is literally one with the Island and I think there is and will be something to that.

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