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Jacob was the Hurley Bird by Terramatrix119

Seeing the candidate cave in the cliffs and how difficult it was to access it i thought, "who would want to live there?" and then it hit me:

Jacob could take the form of a giant bird! Think about it.

- Jacob appears off island only days before he is seen again on island. He achieved this by flight as a giant bird.

- The giant bird, or Hurley bird, seen in the series 1 + 2 finales seemed to say Hurley, or at least ONLY to Hurley. I believe that this was Jacob's test. He needed someone to converse with after he died and as Hurley was the only person who could hear Jacob not in his human form that is why Jacob could talk him after his human form was killed.

- If Jacob was the protector of the island what is the best way to keep track of the whole island? Well, CCTV, but without technology then from the air! As a bird.

Perhaps he could also take other animal forms like Kate's horse, Sayid's Cat, Sawyer's Boar (notice they are all candidates). If you include Jack's dead father then perhaps the candidates are simply people who could see him when he wasn't in his human form. Obviously that leaves 42-Kwon but we don't even know which one that is. And that's not even mentioning Vincent heehee....

Anyway, call it a load of rubbish but if MIB can turn into smoke, then why couldn't Jacob turn into a bird?

Cheers :)

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