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The "man in black" told Jacob he wanted to kill him, Jacob already knew this and told him "well when you do, I'll BE RIGHT HERE." (at the statue) so he KNEW where Jacob was.

"John" did NOT know where Jacob was, and needed Richard to show him. Even as they got to the statue, he says: "Well, it's a wonderful foot, Richard, but what does it have to do with Jacob?" When Richard tells him, you can tell in his face he was surprised to learn of this fact. A fact that "the man in black" would know.

Ben says: "and clearly it hasn't told you where Jacob is, or YOU WOULDN'T NEED RICHARD TO SHOW YOU"

Excellent point.

When Ben tells him that "the smoke monster" told him to follow and do what John says, "John" was again very surprised to learn of this fact. You also see the look of surprise in his face as he looks down in the hole after Ben just dealt with the smoke monster. If John was the smoke monster, then he would know these things and not be surprised by them.

When "John" is shot in the statue, the bullet knocks him back, but lucky for him, the bullet either hits his knife or belt buckle or something, because you can tell by looking at the bullet itself. And John is afraid and quickly hides around the corner and goes to summon the smoke monster.

If the bullet bounced off of him because he couldn't be killed by bullets, why would he show fear and dodge around the corner?

The smoke monster then comes out from the OTHER direction.

They shoot at the smoke monster, but unlike "John", bullets don't hurt the smoke monster.

And the smoke monster leaves the same are where it came from.

But when Ben walks towards where the smoke monster left, "John" comes back out and is standing BEHIND Ben.

Why does "John" want Ben to think he is the smoke monster?

Because if Ben knows he is just human and can be killed, he knows Ben would try to kill him. In fact, "the smoke monster" aka "Alex", told Ben it was known Ben wanted to kill him, but that he better NOT and better do as John says.

Why tell Ben not to kill John unless he CAN be killed.

Now that Ben thinks "John" is the all powerful smoke monster, Ben has got it out of his mind to try and kill him, and we can go on with the task at hand.

The rule is no other can kill one of their own. Thus why "the man in black" was not able to kill Jacob. And if he is going to pretend to be John, just to go to see Jacob, that would be cheating. And if he was going to cheat, he could just have killed Jacob many years ago.

"John" figured out the loophole that the other guy couldn't. He can't kill Jacob, and he can't tell someone else to kill Jacob, but had to get Ben to WANT to kill Jacob on his own. Ben isn't the leader anymore, but even if this comes an issue of Ben killing Jacob, John, as the leader, could Pardon Ben, just as Ben pardoned Juliet when she killed one of their own people.

So the loophole was found. Who cares WHO found the loophole. Is it impossible to think that more than one person would want to kill Jacob over the centuries, or that more than one person in the world finds "loopholes" to rules or laws?

Now note that before you start wondering if the smoke monster took over Sayid's body, the more important thing to note is that it is Sayid's body. Not an image of Sayid alive AND ALSO a dead body of Sayid next to it.

If someone took over John's dead body, then we wouldn't still have a dead body of John lying there at the same time. Obviously no one took over his dead body.

Try to remember this when thinking about what happened to Sayid.

"John": "It's weird for me too. I realize how strange this all is, me, here. But I assure you Sun, I'm the same man I've always been."

Richard: I've never seen someone come back to life

"John": and I've never seen someone who doesn't age. Doesn't mean it can't happen.

Richard: I'm this way because of Jacob. And if I had to guess, he's the reason youre not in that coffin anymore.

"John": "I agree completely Richard."

Another clue... Jeremy Bentham.

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