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JJ gave us what lost is In Fringe by Nuno

couple fringe and possible lost spoilers.(more of a theory,not spoilers on the lost part)

After watching fringe Im starting to notice that it connects with lost in a huge way. Its jj abrams giving us hints as to whats going on on lost. Makes perfect sense, In fringe theres an alternate universe in which walter went to in which he stole a child.His own child who in his own world died. In a way its jj using what him and damon came up with for the plot of lost and threw that plot into fringe, but in a different storyline.

Just like in the last episode of fringe they said something that is been said on lost alot,that 2 of the same objects cant occupy the same space.Something weve heard on lost before. which is making me wonder if maybe jacob and mib are the same person but from different worlds,which makes them very special on n off the island now. Anyways theres alot of things their showing us on fringe to kinda explain how the alternate world theory works.its differences and rules.

if anyone else has some lines,scenes or examples of lost and fringe connections or where they explain things please list them below on comments.

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