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Jacob is black and can go all smokey by Christine

Jacob is black … and can go all Smokey

What makes me think this …… if he hadn’t paid for the stolen lunch box, Kate may of learnt from the consequence – He gave Sawyer the pen – if he hadn’t he may have never written the letter which defined his life, if he hadn’t stopped Syaid, they would have crossed the road sooner ….. If he had really spoken to Ben when Ben needed to hear him as the leader Ben may have made some better choices… clearly he had the message passed on from Jacob via Richard to gas all the Dharma people ….. that wasn’t nice or good. The comment that “Not Locke “ made to Richard …. Its good to see you out of those chains …..may have not been about the black Rock but about him being in some sort of bondage to Jacob…..

If Jacob and Not Locke share some type of similarities in terms of what they are, why is it just “not Locke “ that can go all Smokey – could Jacob share this ability – if that is the case how do we know which smoke monster did what???

Jacobs others have killed people on the island, and stolen and kidnapped children. Maybe Whitmore’s motives since he left the island have improved …clearly when he was on the island he was not a nice man – but at that point he was being ruled by Jacob – his attitude to Locke post island was sensitive and almost caring …but then he sent his son to the island knowing surely he was going to do …he told him the island could heal him … was that a better option than his life off island with his memory loss??

Is it the island that is only truly good?


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